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Ostrich Biltong

Ostrich meat makes great biltong, especially for those seeking high protein and low fat meat snacks to complement a fitness regimen or diet. Ostrich biltong jerky is made by the traditional curing and air drying of huge ostrich steaks, and then sliced to make biltong. Give this exotic game meat a try that is also low in cholesterol and calories.

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Raging Bull is an artisan producer of authentic South African biltong, based in North London. They hand make some of the best biltong available in the UK, including non-beef exotic biltong like this ultra-lean ostrich biltong. Cured, air-dried, and then thinly sliced by hand, Raging Bull's biltong makes for a great high-protein snack. Ostrich Biltong is extremely lean and has health...