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Venison Biltong

If you're looking for rich, flavourful biltong, venison meat biltong is a great choice. Bags more flavour than the standard beef biltong, and if it is sliced up nice and thick, it feels like eating venison steak. Venison biltong is usually leaner than beef biltong, because more of the fat is trimmed off the meat before the traditional curing process.


Raging Bull is an artisan producer of authentic South African biltong, based in North London. They hand make some of the best biltong available in the UK, including non-beef exotic biltong like this rich venison biltong. Cured, air-dried, and then thinly sliced by hand, Raging Bull's biltong makes for a great high-protein snack. Made from Scottish red deer, this venison biltong...